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Mixed by Corey Andrews
Album art by Jason Nichols


released October 21, 2014

Ryan Hand - Guitar, Vocals
Corey Andrews - Guitar, Vocals
Ana Dujakovic - Bass
Sean White - Drums



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Persisting Absolution Halifax, Nova Scotia

Persisting Absolution is a new techy thrash/deathmetal band from Halifax, Nova Scotia (Canada) consisting of Ryan Hand (Select and Dismember/Defective Perception/Link), Corey Andrews (Barra Xul/Cephalectomy/Select and Dismember), Ana Dujaković (Ulvensang/Nightfall/ex-Orchid's Curse/ex-Inviting End), and Sean White. ... more

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Track Name: Through Lifeless Eyes
There lies a plan
Cerebral punishment subdues the gifted hand
Through hidden waves
All hope for logic will slowly drift away

A long night falls, bright eyes begin to fade
Vivid displays remain the same
To draw a drop from an anceint stone
Freely led to catastrophe

Muddled thoughts
Shallow souls
Soaking in waste
Will take its toll
Crucial time
A lethargic view
Through lifeless eyes
We see a skewed, chaotic world

Occupy your senses
Forget creation, a realm around the star
Forget who you are



The shrouded entity weighes heavy in my mind
Conversion is attained, perception weakens over time

There lies a plan
Cerebral punishment subdues the gifted hand
Time unfolds true
Space filled with time to waste, a frozen face, this plan divides us all
Its divided we fall
Track Name: Mindless Conformist
A shameless change of habit
An altered point of view
That thought of one escaping
Never fails to elude
Another change approaches
Another mask displayed
To hide behind illusion
A true form to never be exposed

Integrity consumed
The simple fact is that
the mindless conformist is you

Unwavered social preference
The brand-less loyalty
Seemingly careless patterns
Crafted so carefully
Exclaiming opposition
Yet living unconsciously
Adhering to position
Is still conformity

Integrity consumed
The simple fact is that
the mindless conformist is you.
Track Name: Yesterdays Decay
Why? Traverse through servitude
To join the hollows who have long forsake the sun
Surrogate souls, governed from a far
Slowly diminished by the ones who'll watch us die

A glass eye demon observes with visions of the past
An attempt to discern our insurrection

Feels like I'm lost in time
My mind has died and dried, my body left in phantom form
Yesterdays decay, many years will fall behind
Awakening thoughts of dissatisfaction

Set up to fail
True Plan not realized
Left dead inside
Rot without decay
What is time, in this eternal tomb?
Whats left to give us hope?

Our minds are pacified
Our will demoralized
Our sense of time divides across the line they've drawn inside
Held out of reach
To ensure continued torment
The denial of true reward

Why? Entertain a frame of mind
To give a life away to save their day some precious time
Yesterdays decay
Many years have fallen behind
Still at the whims of the ones who'll watch us die
Track Name: Bong Hit Destruction
Red eyes burning bright
A fog of smoke, and choking fills the night...
Lightweights fall astray,
With minds so fucked up they begin to pray
"Oh Dark Lord, please take the bong away!"

But No!

Admist the haze
And standing six feet tall
A monster made of glass
Looms above us all.

The devil leans in close and breathes
"I promise you it will be the last one
One more toke will set you free...
Don't be such a fucking pussy, son."

The skies cloud over
Prepare for the hit...
A thunder clap has sounded
The bowl, it has been lit...

The chronics all take their turns
Their brains begin to swell
Six hundred and sixty five tokes each
one more will send them straight to hell

You can't see
You can't move
You're lost now
And stuck in this room with...


Red eyes still
Are burning bright
Yet all you see
Is a sea of green

Stick around,
my corpse-like friend..
This next bowl's
Laced with PCP.
Track Name: The Darkness Within
You can't see it
But you can feel it
Your tingling spine alerts
Awareness of all those eyes

Heart rate elevating


Moving faster
but is this real
Or just a self imposed
Living nightmare

I can't see it
But i can feel it
There's something lurking
Awaiting in the shadows

Has taken it's hold
Mind control
Have taken their hold
Thought control

You can't see it
But you can hear it
All those voices that are
Whispering inside your brain

Short of breath
The silent terror that
Invokes illusion's consciousness

Dreading what's yet to be
The unknown is haunting me
Helpless to retain control
Fears creep in, and now possess my soul
Track Name: Infinite Grind
Walk through fallen ranks
Through men who once stood tall
Left with visions of decay
Atop a madman's rise
A witness to the fall
Watch them slowly waste away
Years pass by, now stone dry
Yet I still bleed
My daily blood
That blood is ours
The salt that licks the skin
Drained of all vitality

Feels like time is standing still
But days are flying by
This is the path to nowhere
This is Infinite Grind

Waiting, fading, forever denied
Suffer, failure, earn your demise

Walk through fallen ranks
Through men who once stood tall
Met with visions of decay
Below a madman's eyes
A victim to the fall
Watch as I slowly waste away